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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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been the motive. pat collins is in rockville now with more on this story. pat? >> reporter: indeed, jim. so what's the motive? it appears jana murray was killed because she caught a co-worker shoplifting from the lululemon store. jana murray. beaten and stand to death. the likely weapons, a hammer and knife, tools from that lululemon store. in court, the suspect, brittney norwood, stand taking podium, watching over a closed circuit television as prosecutor john mccarthy showed bloody crime scene pictures to explain that murder. of jana murray. the crime. mccarthy said there was a shocking level of violence. that jana murray's skull was crushed a number of blows, too numerous to count. there was a ligature around her
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neck. her spinal cord, severed. >> ms. norwood is charged with a single count of murder. the maximum penalty for murder is life imprisonment. >> reporter: the victim, 30-year-old jana murray, found dead inside the bethesda lululemon store, may the 12th. the suspect, brittney norwood. she was there, too. she told police, two masked men robbed them, tied them up, raped them and beat them. the prosecutor described norwood's version of the attack as a bunch of pathological lies. the motive. minutes before she was killed, jana murray called the store manager and told her she had found items stolen from the store, and brittney norwood's bag. the manager told jana, "i'll deal with that tomorrow." >> the young jana did, in fact, call her store manager to report what she thought had been a
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theft. >> reporter: key clues. jana murray's car was found in a lot behind the woman's farmer's market in bethesda. norwood said she had never been in murray's car. but her blood and murray's blood were found in that car. brittney norwood's wounds. described as superficial and self-inflicted. the secret recording. detectives record a conversation between norwood and her family. she says, "i'm sorry, i don't want to disappoint you. i don't want to talk about her, because they may be recording th this." her brother asked, "why did you fight with her?" she said, "i don't know." brittney norwood, held without bond tonight on those murder charges. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. now to the crisis in libya. the coalition imposing the
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no-fly zone on libya flew dozens of sorties today and sources loyal to moammar gadhafi were hit hard saturday by french air strikes. meanwhile, gadhafi hasn't been seen publicly since friday. and president obama says the u.s. will soon give up leadership of these allied assaults. steve handelsman joins us live from capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: as american bombs and missiles rained down on libya, congress here on the hill is in recess. not a player, not active so far in this new u.s. war. but lawmakers have a lot of questions. is it good for americans, for our nation, to side with one group of libyans? last week, they looked doomed, but libyan rebels in their eastern stronghold of benghazi today have new hope. thanks to american f-15 pilots, and british pilots, french pilots and their mirages. they're hammering moammar gadhafi's forces again today.
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a coordinated attack that president obama promised today in chile will not be led by the u.s. for long. >> there's going to be a transition taking place, in which we have a range of coalition partners, the europeans, members of the arab league, who will then be participating and establishing a no-fly zone. >> reporter: but commanders say that transition would be complex. >> it's not so simple as just having a handshake someplace and saying, okay, you're now in charge. >> reporter: u.s. leadership and a third far-away war concerns senate republicans. >> the plan is not simply there. the objectives, the end game is not apparent. >> reporter: congress is in recess. no debates or votes on libya. democrats are concerned. >> this isn't the way that our system is supposed to work. >> reporter: house speaker boehner warned, before any further military commitments are made, the administration must do a better job of communicating to the american people and to congress about our mission in
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libya. mr. obama today made his goal clear. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> reporter: but gadhafi's forces launched new attacks on the last rebel stronghold west of tripoli. he is vowing a long war. it's a sure bet before gadhafi steps down, lawmakers here will step up to demand that president obama justify his intervention. i'm steve handelsman, news4, live from the hill. wendy. >> all right, thank you, steve. house minority leader nancy pelosi was taken briefly to a host in italy today. pelosi went to the hospital in rome this morning. she reportedly did not feel well after making a stop in afghanistan. her spokesperson says she has since left the hospital, and resumed her official duties. pelosi will be 71 this week. she is in italy to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of that country. boy, didn't we all feel like staying in bed this morning when
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the thunder and lightning was outside? is lighting up the skies before dawn. a lot more than 100 lightning strikes. some areas saw heavy rain, and then the sun made a comeback and we had a nice day. doug kammerer joins us now with a look at conditions at this hour. hi, doug. >> nice afternoon outside, wendy, but we are seeing some thunderstorms out there again in portions of our area. right now, 65 degrees currently at the airport. we'll call it mostly cloudy outside with winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. temperatures around the region, warm. 70 right now in baltimore. 72 in sterling. 73 in manassas. culpepper right now coming in at 79 degrees. but here is the rain. look at this. a lot of lightning associated with these storms as they're making their way down to the south and rest right now around front royal, maybe their way into madison county, page county, shenandoah county, under the gun as the storms are fairly strong so watch out over the next couple hours as they continue to roll to our south and west. 58 degrees by 9:00. a few showers, maybe a
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thunderstorm. but then most of us should be on the dry side by 11:00. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, waking up to a temperature of about 48 degrees. big changes in the extended forecast. i'll have that for you coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. now that spring has sprung, officials are assessing the damage from the winter. rain, snow and ice have taken quite a toll on local roads that created massive potholes, such as this one at ninth and stafford streets in arlington. jane watrel is there now with more on how officials plan to fix those potholes. jane? >> reporter: well, jim, potholes are everywhere. it only took us about ten minutes to find the big one behind me here on stafford street. but officials say they are everywhere, but they don't know how to find all of them. so they are relying on the public to call in and tell them where the potholes are. dc officials are declaring a war on potholes, and want to hear where the worst can be found. the third annual pothole palooza
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is a rapid response to an annoying and costly problem. >> the effort will be focused on trying to do all of these potholes within a matter of 48 hours. >> reporter: just as the flowers start to open up every spring, so do potholes. opening up on streets and highways around the metro area. >> they should give us free front end alignments. how is that? >> really bad. i don't like them at all. >> reporter: motorists say road crews do their best to fill them in, but -- >> notice a number of them disappear, but they do seem to pop up in a few places, so, yeah, every time it seems like one gets filled in, there's another one somewhere else. >> reporter: potholes can also cause serious damage to cars that can take months to notice. and serious money to repair. >> you can actually be looking at thousands of dollars worth of damage, just from one single pothole. if you hit the pothole at an angle, this is the sub frame to
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the car. and if it bends that, then you're looking at even more money. >> reporter: all jurisdictions of online forums complain about potholes. and it doesn't matter where you live. there are plenty to go around. from dc to maryland to virginia. where a seemingly bottomless pothole can be found on an arlington side street. for those who drive for a living, it's a nightmare. >> i hit a lot of potholes. it's terrible. and when a truck hits a pothole, it shakes and rattles and everything goes flying. >> reporter: again, pothole palooza will last for a month. dc officials say if you see a pothole, give them a call at 311. reporting live in arlington, i'm jane watrel, back to you, jim. >> thanks, jane. gas prices in our area, they are still on the rise. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon, $3.55. it was $2.80 a year ago. here in dc, of course, we're paying more. $3.71. in maryland, $3.55.
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and the cheapest still in virginia where it is $3.47. on wall street, stocks made a strong start to this week. the dow gained about 178 points, sending the dow back above 12,000. the nasdaq also up about 48 points. and the s&p 50019 points higher at the end of the day. >> coming up tonight, the nuclear cries he is in japan hit the food supply. a star athlete killed. who police believe tried to cover up this crime. an inmate in virginia served nearly 30 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. we'll tell you what finally set him free. possible merger of at&t and t-mobile. it could impact thousands. whether you have that service or not. guys, coming up in sports, george mason gets lost in a sea of red. also, vcu keeps winning in the ncaa tournament. and how long will the capitals be without
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more problems for arlington national cemetery. now poor record keeping is being blamed for reservations that are being lost in the system. the cemetery is still dealing with problems regarding mismarked graves. now the "washington post" reports cemetery officials are
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struggling to determine who has reserved plots. some of those plots may already have been filled. the reservations were made under a system that ended back in 1962. one official says the cemetery has 3,500 reservations on file. there could be more, they say, but they have no idea how many of those reservations are still valid. in the ongoing disaster in japan, there was a setback today. in the efforts to stabilize those crippled nuclear reactors. more smoke poured out of the units, and there is growing concern now about the food and water supply. we are also learning today, a woman from chesterfield, virginia is among the thousands killed in japan. 24-year-old taylor anderson had been missing since the earthquake and tsunami hit on march 11th. her body was discovered today. she was in japan, teaching.
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kristen dahlgren has more on the recovery effort. >> reporter: in japan today, progress. cables being laid to reconnect electricity to cool troubled reactors. but amid reports things may be stabilizing, reminders the situation is not yet under control. as smoke rose from two of the reactors, workers had to be temporarily evacuated. >> we're not out of the woods yet. and some serious radiation releases can still happen if the japanese are not careful. >> reporter: some drinking water near the plant has tested positive for radioactive materials. while shipments of milk and spinach produced near the crippled plant were stopped, after they showed trace radiation. experts say not enough to cause health concerns, but feeding fears among japanese consumers, and even some here in the u.s. today, the epa tweeted, radiation monitors here in the u.s. show fluctuations far below levels of concern. while the nuclear regulatory commission reported containment at the japanese reactors appears intact. and that nuclear plants here
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remain safe. >> we have a high degree of confidence that the 104 currently operating reactors, there's an adequate basis to assure adequate protection. >> reporter: but at president obama's request, the commission is preparing a comprehensive safety review of all u.s. plants and their ability to cope with what was once unthinkable disaster. and today, the head of the united nation's nuclear agency said the crisis in japan has already exposed weaknesses at nuclear plants around the world, and he urged countries to change their emergency procedures. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news4. and virginia's governor bob mcdonnell issued a statement on the death of taylor anderson saying, quote, we join the anderson family in mourning the loss of a wonderful woman, who personified selflessness and a sense of duty that americans abroad have been known for. another sign the disaster in japan is affecting automakers here in the u.s.
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today general motors announced it is suspending some production and temporarily laying off workers, because of a shortage of parts from japan. the popular fuel efficient cars are in short supply now. they say customers are quickly buying honda fits and toyota priuses. those models are made in japan and honda says it is not taking any new orders for vehicles made there. prices have risen since that earthquake, as well. some small businesses in election doctor, virginia are afraid that a new tax could force some of them to layoff employees or, worse yet, close their doors. but as julie carey reports now, city leaders say without the new funding, alexandria will not be able to compete with neighboring jurisdictions. >> reporter: elizabeth todd's shoe boutique has weathered the recession better than many businesses. she even bought a new building a year ago. but she joins others in their opposition to a new proposed tax, levied only on detection
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dra businesses, the commercial add-on tax, the money used exclusively for transportation improvements. >> it's too much for a small business to bear any additional -- you know, any additional monthly expenses, which is what this would be. so i think that's the main concern. >> reporter: signs are popping up in store and restaurant windows, as businesses spotlight the issue. the real estate assessments are already going up, add the commercial tax, and some say they'll face a 20 to 25% jump in their tax bill. arlington and fairfax county already have a similar tax in place to fund transportation improvements there. city council members who favor the tax here say they can't afford to be left behind. >> do we take the initiative, or do we continue with business as usual? if we continue with business as usual, i don't think we're going to be as competitive in the future. >> reporter: city leaders say the new tax revenue would be focused on transit to buy more dash businesses and expand the old-town trolly. but the chamber of commerce says because 90% of small businesses have fewer than 20 employees,
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it's different than arlington and fairfax. the add-on tax could hit harder, causing layoffs, even closures in the typical office or store. >> we're looking at a professional in an office, he's got maybe two employees, and this fax is going to affect him to a point where he may have to cut one of those employees. >> reporter: business owners also say because transportation benefits all, it's unfair to place the tax burden only on business. >> we think the tax should be spread across all of the stakeholde stakeholders, including the residents, in addition to the businesses. >> reporter: in alexandria, julie carey, news4. business leaders say they're hoping for a strong turnout at the final public hearing on april 16th. coming up, a family emergency. the sailing trip that ended with a desperate call for help. spring all over america has brought flooding, mudslides and snow, depending on where you live. >> and the cold weather could be moving into our area. doug is back
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. the first day of spring brought some wild weather to most of the country. the threat of mudslides after heavy rains forced many to evacuate overnight near los angeles. record rainfall caused flooding that led to dozens of water rescues. and from the east coast to the sierra nevadas, a fresh coat of snow shut down roads, making travel quite difficult.
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so there. and then we had that crazy little thunderstorm this morning. >> yes. that was interesting. >> and big changes this week, huh? >> yeah, we are talking about snow right now. but -- in a good way. so to speak. we just ended winter, we want to go back and talk about the winter forecast we gave you about three or four months ago. what did we see, and how did we do? well, take a look, first off. this was the prediction or actually, the actual of what we should get. let's take a look at the weather computer first, guys. we take a look. 14 to 20. that's the average snowfall. we forecasted 8 to 14 inches of snow this winter. how much did we see? 9.9. so we definitely hit that mark. where we were off, we did expect to see warmer temperatures during the months of december and january. and as you know, december and january were very, very cold. but this is the number that i'm waiting on, the snow number. that's the number that we really lake to see, and that's the number we always hope to get right. 69 degrees the current temperature, that was the high
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temperature in the area today. 43 degrees, the afternoon low or morning low. rainfall today, about 2/10 of an inch of rain. that mostly came early this morning with rather strong thunderstorms that moved through. a lot of lightning this morning, as well. 65, the current temperature. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. 72 in sterling right now, 79 in culpepper. 81 in charlottesville. so you look at these numbers and say hey, what a great day. it depends where you are. most of our area on the dry side. but to our south and west, rap hanna county, and front royal, you're looking at some pretty good storms here. back towards page county, culpepper county, watch out, these storms will rumble through. and even fauquier county, really to the south of 66. if you're south of 66, expect these storms to move through with rather gusty winds. they could be gusting upwards of 50 to 60 miles per hour. and you can see a lot of lightning with these storms, as well. they continue to make their way to the south and east. fredricksburg, you're next. you'll probably see those within the next hour. temperatures around the region,
6:25 pm
57 in elkins after that rain. 76 in roen roanoke. 1k37 7 in jackson, kentucky. here's our members little band of rain. that's where the frontal boundary dropping through, and that front is going to be key the next couple days for our temperatures. in order north of the front, cooler. south of the front, on the warm side. tomorrow i think a little bit of a warm day. we will see temperatures above average, and a break from the rain. i think we'll break into some sunshine, actually. but during the afternoon tomorrow, we see clouds increase. and here comes the rain late tomorrow night and into the day on wednesday. i don't think wednesday is going to be a completely rainy day. i think we'll see rain early in the day as a frontal boundary, warm front moves to the north and as our comfort comes through later in the afternoon. so two rounds of rain likely on wednesday, very similar to what we saw today. and temperatures will rise into the 60s during the day on wednesday. that's when things turn cooler. partly cloudy, possible showers and thunderstorms, well to our south and west. 62 to 68 degrees for this evening.
6:26 pm
temperatures tomorrow morning, mild, actually. mostly clear, 44 to 48 degrees. and as we move through the day tomorrow, we'll see those numbers climb back up into the 60s for most of us. sam areas may get in the mid 60s. but 59 to 64 degrees. mostly sunny skies early, continued clouds in the afternoon. high of 61 on wednesday with a chance for some thunderstorm activity. most likely later in the day. 57 on thursday. 50 on friday. and here you go, wendy, i know you didn't want to see it, but temperatures fall back into the 40s. and we do have to add a chance for some mixed precipitation there on saturday and sunday. still, a lot up in the air right now. this is not going to be any kind of a big snowstorm, don't worry about that. but end of march, you see something that cold with a chance of mixed precipitation, a little bit abnormal, so we're hoping it just moves away without giving us -- >> yes, we are. all right, thanks, doug. coming up tonight, one of the busiest roads in the district is about to get a makeover. could change your commute. a student is accused of
6:27 pm
attacking her piers and the weapon of the choice is the internet. >> a deadly gamd that may have killed a star athlete. and a man accused of rape finally had his name cleared after spending three decades in prison. coming up in sports, capitals star alex ovechkin is taking a break from the ice. also, vcu makes history in the ncaa tournament. and the maryland and georgetown women getting ready for a win or women[ male announcer ] a win or the network.
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in a court in rockville today, prosecutors said robbery was the motive in the lululemon murder case. brittney norwood beat her co-worker to death after her co-worker caught her stealing from the store. congressional leaders are challenging president obama on his decision to allow the u.s. to lead the allied air strikes on libya that began this weekend. mr. obama says the strikes are to help protect libyan civilians under attack by moammar gadhafi's supporters. a teacher from chesterfield, virginia is among thousands killed in japan. 24-year-old taylor anderson had been missing since the earthquake and tsunami on march the 11th. her body was discovered today. we're learning more about what led to the deadly shooting
6:31 pm
of an anacostia high school student. there were several other teens in the room when a gun went off and 18-year-old gary gordon was shot. >> investigators say a 15-year-old girl pulled the trigger. she was in court for the first time today. derrick ward has our report. >> i shot gary. >> reporter: testimony in d.c. superior court today revealed the suspect uttered those words after 18-year-old gary gordon was killed in an apartment on stanton road on sunday afternoon. a detective testified that witness accounts from some of the four young people that were in the apartment or the hallway outside the apartment at the time of the shooting showed that the 15-year-old girl who has been charged had removed a high-capacity clip from the .9 millimeter handgun involved and then began pointing the gun and then pulled the trigger. a bullet striking gordon in the back. she told the detective she thought the gun had been unloaded. he was a standout basketball player who classmates say stayed
6:32 pm
out of trouble. >> very nice. loved playing basketball. he was a good person. >> reporter: testimony from detect testifies also revealed that after the shooting, an attempt was made to make it look like the shot had come from outside, and is that someone reached outside the apartment window, with the gun, and fired back into the apartment to fake forensic evidence to bolster that story. as the testimony was being given in superior court, crime scene technicians and detectives returned to the stanton road apartment, collecting more evidence. while grief counselors were dispatched to annacostia high school. >> he was always helpful. he was just a well-rounded person. >> reporter: by the end of today's hearing, the judge upheld seven counts against the juvenile defendant, including voluntary manslaughter while armed, armed assault charges, and weapons offenses. the judge said the accused knew enough about weapons to remove the clip, so she, the judge, found it hard to believe that she would then play with a gun.
6:33 pm
the judge also said she found it problematic that a gun would be there in the first place, calling the incident a grave misstep that caused someone to die. derrick ward, news4. as derrick noted, the suspect is a juvenile, so her identity has not been released. she is due back in court on thursday. a virginia man who prosecutors say was wrongly convicted walked out of prison today after spending 27 years behind bars. thomas haynesworth was an 18-year-old high school dropout when he was locked up for a series of 1984 rapes and other attacks in richmond. dna testing exonerated him in two crimes, but he was convicted in two others in which there is no genetic evidence. haynesworth claims he is innocent of all these crimes. he says he will keep fighting to clear his name. investigators in virginia now have access to a controversial method that could help them solve some crimes. it's a technique known as familial dna searching.
6:34 pm
virginia governor bob mcdonnell says it gives forensic investigators the ability to search the state's dna database for relatives of people who may be suspects in a crime. virginia is just the third state to allow this technique. cruel comments posted online have led to charges of cyber bullying in prince william county. a student allegedly created a facebook page with the intent of embarrassing and spreading lies about other students. as chris gordon reports, that case has triggered strong reaction. >> i'm mad about it for the fact that, you know, they would say that about her. because it's not right. you don't know her, you can't be judging her. >> reporter: the says of cyber bullying happened here at stonewall jackson senior high school in manassas, virginia. a 16-year-old female student here is accused in a police affidavit of that rasment by computer. creating a page called stonewall ho's on facebook, posting
6:35 pm
pictures of nine female students with a lewd caption under each photo. monica is a student who says one of her close friends was a victim. >> she right now, she is upset it would say that about her, but she is trying not to pay attention to that. because she says she knows she is not doing anything wrong so she doesn't feel like she should be judged like that when she hasn't done anything. >> reporter: prince william county police executed this search warrant, seizing the computer the 16-year-old allegedly used to create the malicious facebook page. and police filed a criminal charge against her. prince william county public schools says it takes bullying very seriously. the policy is spelled out in its code of behavior. >> bullying is not tolerated. and harassment of students is part of bullying. and cyber bullying is electronic bullying. so we don't tolerate any of this. >> reporter: the facebook posting has been taken down. but for parents and students
6:36 pm
here, the hurt remains. >> i don't think anybody should have the right to put people's business out there, whether it's true or not, you know. because all that does is just ruin, you know, people's lives, reputations and all of that kind of stuff. >> i do not allow my daughter to be on facebook for a limited time, give her an hour. i even track what she writes, because she is on my facebook page. so it's disgusting. >> reporter: as a result of the facebook attacks, the 16-year-old student faces a misdemeanor. and school disciplinary proceedings. in prince william county, chris gordon, news4. the student blamed for the cyber bullying faces also possible jail time and expulsion from school. a head's up for drivers. constitution avenue in northwest is going to get some major road work, and it's already starting. for the next three weeks, there will be temporary parking lane closures between 23rd and 25th streets, and that's during nonrush hours.
6:37 pm
major construction work is set to begin in that same area. april 10th. up to two lanes in both directions will be closed. and crews will be working on new sidewalks, lighting, and storm drainage system. the project for constitution avenue is scheduled to be completed by early 2012. coming up tonight, a family sailing trip that did not go as planned. >> and the rules about car seats oh wow, look at that.
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hello, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right now outside, not too bad. 65 degrees, the current temperature. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. for most of us, we have seen a pretty nice day and it's going to be a pretty nice evening, as well. but some of us are seeing some rain. mostly to the south of 66, we're looking at culpepper county, rappahannock county, fauquier seeing storms. some storms on the strong side. watch out around the fredricksburg area, spotsylvania county, you're seeing storms, as well. these storms have a lot of lightning associated with them and they continue to make their way to the south and east. your forecast for tonight, once the storms move out, partly cloudy skies throughout the evening. 46 degrees in washington tonight. 48 in warrenton.
6:41 pm
tomorrow, temperatures in the low 60s. i think we'll see a nice day on our tuesday. most of the day tuesday should be on the dry side. jim? >> thanks, doug. a family sailing trip out in california did not end happily. in fact, it ended with a desperate call for help out in the harbor of santa barbara. it happened yesterday. a family of four was on the sailboat that was ripped from its moorings by some high winds. there were two adults, a 6-month-old baby and another small child and a dog. they were tossed all over the place by six to eight-foot swells. the coast guard moved in to help. the crew got in another boat alongside the runaway sailboat. that entire family made it on board to the other vessel, and they all got to shore safely, and now they have something to talk about. welcome back. >> thank you. >> what a disappointment. >> what a disappointment it was. we'll tell you all about that. but first, the capitals will be without alex ovechkin for quite some time. we'll give you the details.
6:42 pm
the buckeyes, as we said, beat up on george mason badly. plus, vcu proves they really ♪
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heard about alex on the radio today, but i got the impression that bruce boudreau will not be specific. >> the capitals close to the vest with this information. talking about alex ovechkin, the capitals without alex ovechkin for the next seven to ten days. they're going to keep him off the ice because of an
6:45 pm
undisclosed injury that he has dealt with now, they say, for several months. bruce boudreau says this is a team decision, so that alex can rest, and prepare for the playoffs. ovechkin has played in all 73 games this season. he's two goals short of 300 on his career, but he's on pace, remember, to have his lowest point total since he enter the nhl in 2005. he has just 29 goals on the season. so he will be missing the road games at ottawa and montreal following tomorrow night's game up in philadelphia. bruce boudreau was very vague, but explained the decision as much as they could to keep ovechkin off of the ice. >> he's had some nagging injuries for a while now, that have bothered him, and like you've read, we only had one game in six days. and so we thought this would be the best time to get completely healed up. he wants to feel healthy. the playoffs are very important to him. and he wants to be at his best when we arrive there.
6:46 pm
>> the capitals play next tomorrow night in philadelphia. did you guys see those threes dropping from the sky in cleveland? as ohio state just hit every single shot they tried to make? >> they looked like an nba team. >> they did. >> they really did. >> in fact, there was a bystander that walked by us on the court as we were watching mason play ohio state, and the guy said man, this team, ohio state could beat the cleveland cavaliers. george mason was without luke hancock, suffering from what mason says could have been food poisoning, so the choke was did ohio state get to the food george mason had eaten the night before. we know that's not true. but the bottom line was, george mason skrushed by ohio state. let's go back to cleveland. mike morrison and george mason came out with a spark. jumped out to an early 11-2 lead, here, ryan pearson, number 24, is a contributor. but that's when the lead started to slip, 14-12 at that point, and the lights went out for mason. ohio state's david lighty. this guy shot his heart out. 7 for 7 from three-point range.
6:47 pm
the buckeyes went on a monster 50-15 run to close out the first half. mason could not respond. the patriots lost 98-66. after the game, senior cam long talked about just how tough this team was. >> i kept trying to tell everybody, you know, don't put your head down. let's keep going, let's keep going. but like, when you feel like you're making that run, and then they come back and hit a three. and then you feel like you go back and do something good again, and then they come back and hit another three. you're just like, what are we doing? like we're there, aren't we? and then the next thing you know, you realize you're not there. and finally when you start getting to that position where you are there, they find somebody else and they hit a three. it just got to the point where you like anything you do was not working. >> scoring in the second half was very respectable. it was 46-40. you know, if that could have been the score at halftime, then maybe we would have had a much better chance. but i will say this. those players are skilled. it wasn't an accident they made those shots. their ability to create good
6:48 pm
shots for each other, craft, especially finding guys, getting them the ball, where they could score, at the right time, at the right place, is pretty impressive. jim larranaga pointed out after the game with 27 victories, this mason squad is the winningest in school history, so he wanted to take that positive piece of information with them. but, man, they were just crushed. and it was such a bummer to see them play without luke hancock. word spread he was sick, and no one could believe it at first. he was too sick to join them in the locker room after the game. >> sometimes you run into a juggernaut, guys that just can't go wrong. but they were on their game. >> i tell you what, if they can play like that, they were monsters. elsewhere in the tournament, vcu one of the last four teams picked as an at-large bid for the ncaa tournament. now the rams and their 33-year-old head coach are the buzz of the dance. head coach shacka smart playing out a resume that is going to have a number of programs ready to fork over the cash. last night, the rams did something that's never been done in school history.
6:49 pm
they played their way into the sweet 16, crushing number three, purdue. and this guy has earned himself some money this week. this is 33-year-old vcu head coach shaka smart. first half, vcu, in the midst of a 13-0 run. bradford burgess knocks down the three. burgess had 25 points off the bench. in the second half, dj byrd with the pass to gentleman juan january son. johnson for the dunk. he had 25 points. also 14 boards for purdue. then later on, joey rodriguez. with the drive. the nice dish underneath to darius theus. vcu routs purdue, 94-76. they have won their three games, get this, by an average of 15 points. >> vcu history! >> nobody has ever won more than one ncaa tournament game. we just won three. -- what do those guys have to say now?
6:50 pm
absolutely nothing. >> feels great. you know, you've been working four years to get here, and it's our senior year and we're here. but we're not satisfied now. we want to keep it going. and this is a great moment for the university. but, you know, we've got a lot more to do. >> on friday, vcu will face number ten, florida state. the winner, just one game away from the final four. to the maryland women. they are in the midst of their 19th n cl aa tournament appearance. the georgetown women, just their third. but tomorrow night, the number four terps are hosting the number five hoyas. it's a backyard battle, and as one hoyas player said today, these teams are fighting to be the darlings of the city. the last time these two teams played it was back in november. that was last time they played since 2003. the hoyas back then beat the terps, forcing 29 turnovers. georgetown has a little swagger. they made it back-to-back for the first time in school history, back to the tournament.
6:51 pm
and as for the terms, their mission is really just to get to the round of 16. they are down playing that rivalry talk. coach brenda frieze wants her team to have that chance. >> for our team, this is the next team we play to be able to advance to the sweet 16. and is like i told our team, having been the only person on our roster to get to a sweet 16, it's an unbelievable feeling. and, you know, this is the next opponent in our way to, you know -- in terms of our progression and where we want to be. >> that's what you see in the papers. that's what everybody say, how is your rivalry against maryland? how is the rivalry going to be against maryland? that's all we keep hearing. it's just another game we're just playing close to home. it would be the same as if we were playing george washington. and we were playing george mason. it doesn't really matter. it becomes a game that you, you know, have to play, and it's good to play in the area.
6:52 pm
>> terps and hoyas tomorrow night. it's going to be a battle. >> looking forward to it. thanks, lindsay. we have had some change in the weather. latest from doug. >> we have been talking about those thunderstorms rumbling to the south of us. a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the national weather service until 7:45, including northern stafford county, central culpepper county, city of manassas getting hit right now, in fauquier county. prince william county and south central fairfax county and northern virginia until 7:45. we're going to continue to watch these storms move to the south and east. but right now, a severe thunderstorm warning for those counties that i just mentioned. i'll be right back with a little bit more on these storms. now t
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
changes in the recommended child safety guidelines for car seats. the american academy of pediatrics now says that kids should sit in a rear-facing seat until age 2, or until they just can't fit in that seat. older children should be in a booster seat until they're 4'9" tall. that could be at the age of 12, for some kids. also, kids should not ride up front, they say, until a child is 13 years old. well, the world of wirelesses could be in for a shake-up. the nation's number-two carrier, at&t wants to combine with the
6:56 pm
number four carrier, t-mobile. that merger would create the country's biggest wireless company. mark barger explains what that merger could mean for customers. >> reporter: in the battle for wireless supremacy, at&t would become the number one provider, that's if its merger with t-mobile goes through. >> together we'll do what neither of us could do by ourselves and that is get to 95% coverage across the united states. >> reporter: the need for those 4g networks being driven by americans' increasing appetite for mobile technology, whether smart phones, tablet computers or even in-car data services. but that enhanced capability could come at a price. >> if we go down to three major wireless carriers in the u.s., that will mean less competition on price, less competition on service, so you could see higher prices and more restrictions for consumers. >> reporter: that's why the deal will get scrutiny over the next year from department of justice
6:57 pm
and the fcc, which has already voiced concerns about market consolidation. its reported last year indicated at&t and verizon already shared 60% of the nation's wireless subscribers, but some analysts say competition is not an issue. >> i think it's still a relatively robust market. the real big thing as we look into the future, the ability to provide data services. >> reporter: and as the quest for customers goes on -- >> that's the price i pay for 3g speed. >> bummer. >> reporter: t-mobile will continue to tweak its bigger, potential partner. >> you can bet we have still some time before the deal gets closed and therefore we'll compete. >> reporter: the question for consumers is what happens when they don't. mark barger, nbc news. >> coming up at 11:00 tonight, a robbery spree at some local gas stations, and we'll tell you what one mother had to give up in order to protect her 7-month-old child. some really incredible video off the coast of florida, where a kayaker paddled directly over a huge shark. as people on the pier were watching.
6:58 pm
and we'll show you a mugger who really picked the wrong guy. we've got the pictures to prove it at 11:00. let's get a final check on the weather from doug in the weather center, where some severe thunderstorms are moving into the area. >> taking a look at these storms rumbling through our southern portions of the region. right now, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for stafford county, northern stafford county. north central culpepper county, including southwestern fauquier, which is including manassas. watch out. prince william seeing the storms, and fairfax county. let's zoom in, and we'll show you where the storms are. you can see those counties highlighted in orange there. that's that severe thunderstorm warning. watch out around california verifyton, billiton, dale city. triangle. you're going to see those storms probably within the next half hour or so. and they do mean business. these storms have been dropping lightning about 1,000 lightning strikes over the last hour. so we are going to see a lot of lightning from these storms, as they continue to move on down to the south and east. also, watch out for some gusty winds. you see small hail with the
6:59 pm
storms, continuing to move to the south and east and should be out of our area in about the next hour to two hours. but they will also cross over the potomac and southern portions of maryland, as well. keep an eye out. we'll continue to keep you updated on those storms right here on nbc 4. jim? >> thanks, doug. the boy who says he went to heaven and saw jesus when he was 4 years old was with his parents on the "today" show this morning. his name is colton. he is is 11 years old now. he has a new york times best selling book out called "heaven is for real." the book describes his trip to heaven as he underwent surgery for his appendix in 2003. colton says he talked with his great grandfather who had huge wings. colton also said no one in heaven is old. and no one wears glasses. >> there was a lot of colors. there are a lot of people. and a lot of animals. of . >> all


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